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Intentional Leadership - Using Neuroscience to Lead and Create Culture
Glen Hellman
Apr 19 - Wednesday
6:30 PM
9:00 PM

Do you lead people? Is your success dependent on the performance of others?

How do you lead and build an intentional culture of high performance.

Join Author, Glen Hellman to preview his upcomming book. Intentionality. Leading through Neuroscience.

Leaders get the culture they tolerate... the culture they deserve. The most common leadership mistake is trying to influence the cerebral cortex, through logic and reason when human behavior is driven through the same decision making processes we share with the reptilian brain. Learn how to model the behavior that effects the reptilian brain. The real secret to succesful leadership.

About Glen Hellman

Named by Washington Business Journal as DC's Mr Cranky, Glen Hellman is a blogger, ex-serial entrepreneur and retired Private Equity, hired-gun,turn-around CEO. He's a leadership coach and former Vistage Chair and Vistage Rookie of the Year. Glen is the founder and facilitator of Forward ThinkTank peer advisory group. @glehel

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1015 15th Street NW
Suite #600
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