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How Do You Find the Job You Really Want: "Sell" Yourself!
40Plus of Greater Washington
Aug 21 - Monday
9:45 AM
11:30 AM

Conversation with LYNN SMITH
Research has shown that between 70 and 80% of jobs are never advertised. And even more daunting, when positions are posted, your odds of getting that job are a paltry 3%.

So how do you find the job that you really want? You can stop spending time reacting to advertised opportunities and start saving time by using a proactive approach to market yourself to organizations who can benefit by your experience and skills.

Selling is not an easy job, and selling yourself can seem even harder. I will show you how I have used my 20 years in sales and sales leadership roles to coach individuals using basic selling skills to find the job that isnít advertised.

In my presentation you will learn:

·    Identify your target market: Organizations where you want to work
·    Find the decision maker: Who is the hiring manager
·    Prospecting: Mechanics of creating a job search campaign
·    Metrics and accountability: Tracking your activity
·   Making the sale: Rewards for achieving your job search goals

1627 K Street, NW Suite 300
Washington, DC 20006


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