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The Transition from Employee to Owner: Your Questions Answered
40Plus of Greater Washington
Sep 18 - Monday
9:45 AM
11:30 AM

A Continuing Conversation with

Come and learn from a franchise owner and expert why you might want to add franchising to your list of options.  You might be surprised to learn there are over 3000 different franchises in the US that you can launch a franchise for just $50,000, and that franchising boasts a 90% success rate.  Most franchise owners are just like you, wanting to find a safe and proven alternative to the corporate world and start their own business.  They want to control their own destiny and create financial security, but need to reduce the risks by buying something they know will succeed. 

At this follow-up program, you'll learn more about the following:
1.  How can franchising reduce the risk of starting your own business?
2.  What franchises have and are succeeding in the DC Metro area?
3.  Are there executive franchises, or is it just fast food and retail?
4.  How do I know if Iím suited for franchising?
5.  Which franchises might work best for me?


Faizun Kamal of FranNet, an expert helps first-time entrepreneurs decide whether purchasing a franchise is the correct course for them to follow. Using FranNet's 30 year old system and my own experience, we will look for the business that is best aligned with your personal and professional goals.

1627 K Street, NW
Suite 300
Washington, DC 20006


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