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Write More Powerfully & Strategically for Public Relations and Public Affairs Purposes in Traditional Media & Social Media
Dec 12 - Tuesday
8:30 AM
4:30 PM

Why you should attend:

This intensive all-day workshop will empower your writing and editing of news releases, pitches, blog posts and other PR/PA documents for print, broadcast and social media, as well as for other purposes.
Using how-to and why-to guidelines, you will look at ‘tried n’ true’ and ‘tried n’ new’ approaches for writing simple, direct, action-focused headlines, leads, quotes, captions, blogs, social media posts, other PR/PA forms.

What you’ll do to make it real:

Analyze “case” news release as primer on PR/PA writing challenges, good and bad.
Write big-picture headline, lead, quote, boilerplate, blog, other assignments.
Review AP-style essentials with cheat sheet, take AP usage quiz.
Ask questions, get answers, contribute, share, network, assist.

What you’ll also learn:

How to write for a bigger PR/PA payoff.
How to make your PR/PA writing more valuable to your employer or clients.
How to build your PR/PA writing leadership.

What you’ll take home at the end:

Instructor’s slides, writing guides, time-saver templates, how-to advisories, more.

What you’ll address during the day:

Applying best principles and practices of PR/PA writing.
Using “form follows function” as writing context.
Acting as word-worker first, wordsmith second.
Embodying strategic thinking in PR/PA writing.
Focusing on the action employers want.
Putting the Big Picture in PR/PA documents.
Providing what the media want so you get what you want.
Understanding what readers need to know for their purposes.
Becoming an outer-directed writer.
Hacking news and research to enhance your messages.
Pitching media with time-saving templates.
Using creative copywriting to engage social media.
Fashioning quotable (not gratuitous) quotes.
Killing pronoun inaccuracy and confusion.
Eliminating obstructionist prepositions, other disruptive verbiage.
Un-hyping hyperbole.
Taking renewed advantage of the 5W’s.
Connecting subject/verb/action to win the readability race.
Addressing trends and issues affecting PR/PA writing.
Getting approvals for your writing before and as you write.
Focusing writing time to increase productivity.
Adhering to AP Stylebook essentials.
Becoming a proactive writer even as you react.
Excelling at writing without being told or asked.
Writing better social media entries.

School of Media and Public Affairs – George Washington University
805 21st Street NW
Room 309
Washington, DC 20052

$195 PRSA & WWPR Members
$275 Nonmembers
$120 Students/retirees
$10 more at the door

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Online: https://www.prsa-ncc.org/write... |

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