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Resilience in Your Job Search: Building on the Spark of You
40Plus of Greater Washington
Oct 2 - Monday
9:45 AM
11:30 AM

Job hunting is never fun. But wait, what if we were to reframe that perspective? What if we
hypothesized this instead: Job hunting is an adventure that frees us to learn more about ourselves and move more actively into our life’s purpose. How could this reframing serve us?
How could it make us more resilient about the process of job hunting?

In this interactive session, we will define resilience and identify some of the characteristics of resilient people. We will also explore some strategies for increasing our resilience and determine how to apply these strategies to our job search. What do trees and savoring a cup of coffee have to offer us? Is laughter really the best medicine? What else can we do to increase our optimism and resilience? Together, through conversation and exploration, we will strengthen our resilience repertoire.       


Hilarie Gaylin’s passion is to help people and organizations grow their best selves. Specializing in customizing material to meet her clients’ unique needs, Hilarie builds upon over 20 years of experience in facilitation, training, instructional design, coaching, and organizational development. Topics include management and supervision, team building, communication, business writing and grammar, professional development, strategic planning, change management, and diversity and inclusion.

Hilarie is a trained coach, both for individuals and for organizational and relationship systems.
She earned an M.Ed. from the George Washington University and a B.A. in English literature from Bryn Mawr College.

Hilarie Gaylin
Facilitator, Trainer, Coach, and Organizational Consultant
Cultivating Greatness

1627 K Street, NW - Suite 300
Washington, D.C.


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