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How to Use Energy Leadership to Take Control of Career Transition Stress
40Plus of Greater Washington
Oct 23 - Monday
9:45 AM
11:30 AM

Career transition can be an exciting time of change and opportunity; but it can also trigger stress, doubt and the "imposter syndrome". Join leadership coach, Liz St. Jean, to learn about Energy Leadership and how ti can help you feel self-empowered even during the most stressful situations of a career transition.  

Energy Leadership asks you to hold up a mirror to learn how your attitude may affect the results you're getting.  This workshop will give you mindshift tools to develop your self-leadership style in this time of change. You'll be guided through a series of worksheets to explore how you're currently "showing up" as you make a career transition.  You'll be asked to challenge yourself on how you may be holding yourself back. By the end, you'll have gained new tools and created a plan that will empower you to feel in control during your transition. 


Liz St. Jean is a Certified Professional Coach and trained in an Energy Leadership methodology. She works with public policy organizations to help them develop an intrapreneurial and team oriented culture. She also helps individuals build up an intrapreneurial mindset and leadership skills.  Liz has a Master's degree in International Affairs, with a specialty on conflict analysis. She is currently working on a graduate certificate from George Washington University, where she will run a research project on the impact of leadership self-development on the performance of cross-functional teams.  Liz brings over 15 years' work experience in both private and public sectors, and has had both an entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial mindset throughout her career.  Liz is the proud mom to Theo, who was born this past July. 
Liz St Jean
Coach, Strategist and Educator
Leadership and Team Development

1627 K Street, NW - Suite 300
Washington, D.C. 20006


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