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Personal and Practical Cybersecurity for Your Small Business
Institute of Management Consultants
Sep 20 - Wednesday
5:30 PM
8:30 PM

A recent survey by Towergate Insurance showed that small businesses often underestimate their risk level when it comes to cybersecurity. Fully 82 percent of small business owners saying they're not targets for attacks, because “they don't have anything worth stealing”. Paradoxically, this makes you a very appealing targets because hackers know your company is likely less careful about security.

As a small business, you fall into hackers' cybersecurity "sweet spot": you have more digital assets to target than an individual consumer has, but less security than a large enterprise. Per a report by Keeper Security and the Ponemon Institute, 50 percent of small businesses have been breached in the past 12 months.

Cybersecurity comes across as “involved” and “complex”, so we remain in an unsecured state, hoping that the bad actors will keep picking on someone else.

What if there was a simple straight forward path for small and home-based businesses to implement successful cybersecurity tools and techniques? Tools and techniques that can minimize our risk of falling victim to a cyber event without giving us a headache or breaking the bank.

This presentation will deliver just that. You will leave this presentation with a list of low/no cost steps you can personally take to significantly reduce the risk of a cyber incident compromising the confidentiality, integrity or availability of any of your business operations. And you don’t have to be a security expert to work through the list!

We will cover secure web surfing, email usage, desktop practices. cloud computing, and tips that will tell you what information to protect and how to protect it.


As the former Provost for the SANS Technology Institute, Dr. Toby Gouker brings a wide breadth of cybersecurity expertise to the cyber practice. With over 30 years of industry experience and 10 years in the educational arena, Dr. Gouker represents the kind of scholar/practitioner you would want to have advising an organization on theoretically sound, business effective tools, techniques, and teachings to fortify an organization’s defense of its information assets.

Athena Pallas Restaurant
556 22nd Street
Arlington Virginia 22202 (Crystal City area)
Venue: http://www.athenapallasrestaur... |

Parking - free parking in restaurant lot
Less than a mile from the Crystal City Metro.

IMC Member Rate $40 ($30 by 9/17)
NonMember $50 ($40 by 9/17)
Student $20

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Register at http://www.imcncr.org |

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