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Accelerate Your Sales Using Proven Principles of Neuroscience (The Six Old Brain Stimuli)
IES - Institute for Excellence for Sales
Jan 19 - Friday
7:15 AM
10:00 AM

Wake Up your customer’s Old Brain and Shorten Sales Cycles at the first IES program of 2018! The 2018 Sales Excellence program kicks off with one of the top sales speakers on the planet: John Asher!

Doors open at 7:15am for breakfast and networking. Note the location: Westwood Country Club in Vienna!

Sales expert and Vistage Speaker Hall of Famer John Asher wowed the crowd at the IES 7th Annual Award event with a 20-minute taste of how sellers need to focus on the customer’s “old brain.” Check out his brief keynote here.

The keynote was so impactful that we’re bringing John back to help you put the ideas into action and start your 2018 selling year with a bang.

In short, the “old brain” responds to 6 Stimuli. If you learn how to tap into these stimuli, you will see an amazing transformation in your sales success.

1. ME! ME! ME! FOCUSED: The Old Brain does not care about your product. It cares what your product can do for it.
2. SIMPLE, EASY TO GRASP IDEAS: Keep it simple.
3. BEGINNING AND END: ALWAYS begin and end with a BANG!
4. CLEAR CONTRAST: To make a difference, you must be different.
5. IMAGES (PICTURES/VIDEOS): The Old Brain does not hear your words, your pictures must be self-explanatory.
6. EMOTION/ENGAGEMENT/EXCITEMENT: The biggest generator of emotion is a customer story. The buyer’s Old Brain can feel itself in your story.

John will teach you how to grow your sales in 2018 by understanding and applying the following:
• COMMITMENT BIAS: Increased levels of commitment occur when we make an intentional decision to commit, write our
commitment down, share our commitment with others, state our commitment publicly, periodically review the status of attainment with our boss. Practical Application: Encourage salespeople to totally commit to their goals.
• NEGATIVITY BIAS: Bad things are more easily remembered than good. Practical Application: Ask buyers what they DO LIKE about their current vendor.
• LOSS AVERSION BIAS: The Old Brain is five times more worried about the pain of loss than the pleasure of gain. You must totally convince the buyer about the very low risk of failure of your solution. Practical Application: Your ROI must be SIGNIFICANT.
• SINGLE OPTION BIAS: Offer one solution: 10% will buy but if you Offer two different similar solutions: 64% will buy Practical Application: If you can, always offer the buyer more than one option.
• ANCHOR BIAS: The Old Brain creates information anchors to be able to make rapid future judgments. There is a tendency to look for issues in subsequent information. Practical Application: If you can, always be the FIRST COMPANY to present.
• CONSISTENCY BIAS: For the Old Brain it’s easier to make a large commitment when it has made a series of small commitments of the same type. Practical Application: At the end of every customer interaction, suggest and phrase your question so that the customer says yes. Confirm (close) the next step.

In this interactive, thought provoking, fast-paced, exciting and content rich session you will learn numerous practical strategies to communicate with your customer more effectively which will accelerate your sales.


In his first career, John was captain of two nuclear-powered fast attack submarines. In his final job in the Navy, he was the program manager of a billion dollar software development program. A lot of what he learned about leadership and sales he learned in the Navy.

In John’s second career he co-founded an engineering company that grew at a 42% per year growth rate compounded for 14 straight years. Along the way, the firm acquired seven other companies and John gained key insights into what it takes to develop a fast-growing business where everybody in the company is in sales!

Westwood Country Club
800 Maple Avenue East
Vienna, Virginia 22180


EARLY BIRD PRICING for this program ($10 OFF) ENDS JANUARY 8!

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