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Lessons Learned from Outplacement Assistance with Bruce Barlow
40Plus of Greater Washington
Apr 23 - Monday
9:45 AM
11:30 AM

Many large organizations and corporations offer outplacement assistance to their employees facing career transition. Join us to learn more about the key steps to a successful transition from a career transition consultant who works with individuals who have been separated from their employers.

What makes the difference between a brief transition and an extended search? What are the best ways to connect to people who can assist you with your search? What are some steps to avoid in your own career search?

Bruce Barlow is a Career Transition Consultant with Lee Hecht Harrison, one of the largest and most active outplacement assistance firms in the country.

Prior to joining Lee Hecht Harrison, Bruce worked for corporate and nonprofit groups as a market research executive who uses well-crafted market research/design thinking to help organizations better understand where they fit in their target audiences' lives, to build internal consensus on the current and likely future state of their market, and to identify the most effective strategies/tactics to build market share, enhance customer experience, to identify inefficiencies, and expand profits. Clients included AARP, Meals on Wheels America, and Duke University.

Lee Hecht Harrison helps companies simplify leadership and workforce transformation so they can accelerate their performance and reduce risk.

Organizations around the world are continuously transforming their businesses to drive growth and productivity. This involves changing the company’s structure, culture, and capabilities—which requires carefully managing employee morale, engagement, and their employer brand to retain and attract key talent. The challenge is how to manage the complexity of people and workforce change, and execute quickly and consistently so they can realize their growth and productivity goals.

Lee Hecht Harrison helps companies simplify the complexity associated with transforming their leadership and workforce so they can accelerate results, with less risk. We do this by helping their employees navigate change, become better leaders, develop better careers, and transition into new jobs. As the world’s leading Talent Development and Transition company, we have the local expertise, global infrastructure, and industry leading technology and analytics required to simplify the complexity associated with executing critical talent and workforce initiatives, reducing brand and operational risk. Teams in more than 60 countries around the world leverage our proven programs and global experience to deliver tailored solutions to clients that align talent with the needs of their business.



1627 K Street, NW, Suite 300
Washington, D.C. 20006


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