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The Role of Outplacement Organizations with KAREN SEYMOUR
40Plus of Greater Washington
May 21 - Monday
9:45 AM
11:30 AM

Many large organizations and corporations offer outplacement assistance to their employees facing career transition. Join us to learn more about the key steps to a successful transition from a career transition consultant who works with individuals who have been separated from their employers.

What makes the difference between a brief transition and an extended search? What are the best ways to connect to people who can assist you with your search? What are some steps to avoid in your own career search?

Karen Seymour is a Vice President with Challenger Gray & Christmas, one of the largest and most active outplacement assistance firms in the country.

Prior to joining Challenger, Gray in 2005, Karen gained valuable experience with some of the most influential human capital management firms in the world.

Challenger Gray & Christmas

Put simply, as outplacement experts, we help people make better job changes than they could on their own, leading them to more successful careers, and creating happier alumni for their former employers. Explore more about our company to learn why we are best equipped to coach your people in effective career transitions.

Our Background: We possess a vast experience in outplacement; managing executive departures, middle-management restructurings, downsizings and plant closures.

Who We Are: We are job search experts, executive coaches, and emotionally supportive counselors helping people find meaningful new work.

Our Approach: We partner closely with our customer, acting as authentic representatives of the company’s HR philosophy on issues of organizational change.

Our Coaches: Our career transition coaches are 100% focused on supporting your HR team and the employees you send to us.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/ka... |

1627 K Street, NW, Suite 300
Washington, D.C. 20006


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Register here: http://40plusdc.org/event-2874... |

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