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Insiders Briefing: Seven Revolutions at CSIS | 2005-May-04

Washington Insiders Briefing

"Seven Revolutions"

News Release: May 4, 2005

On Wednesday, May 4, 2005, the Washington Network Group convened a Washington Insiders briefing with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

This event was attended by 100 WNG Members and guests, and took place at CSIS in Washington, D.C.  Our briefing included a one hour presentation followed by Q&A time. Lite refreshments were provided.

Program Overview:

For this event, CSIS will present their acclaimed "Seven Revolutions" briefing: Looking out to the year 2025... and the major forces shaping the world - CSIS identifies and analyzes the driving forces of of change shaping seven distinct geographical regions out to the year 2025 and beyond.

"The Seven Revolutions" is an exciting multimedia presentation designed to challenge audiences to think about the world out to the year 2025. The goal of the project is to promote strategic, forward-looking thinking by current and future leaders about how the world will change over the next 25 years and what that change will mean. It identifies and analyzes the issues that leaders will face by focusing on seven distinct drivers of revolutionary change: population, resource management, technological innovation and diffusion, the generation and distribution of knowledge and information, economic integration, global instability and conflict, and the challenge of governance. The presentation presents audiences with the proposition that they have the capacity and the responsibility to shape the future.

Developments within these Seven Revolutions, analysis of links among those revolutions, and the Center's contingency thinking have been woven together into this presentation. It has been shown to leaders from the government, the private sector, academia, and the NGO community across the world. As the William A. Schreyer Chair on Global Analysis, Erik R. Peterson directs the ongoing project.

Washington Insiders Program

This special event was convened under the WNG's "Washington Insiders" program series, which is designed to provide meaningful opportunities for WNG Members and our guests to develop their professional and business networks in the Greater Washington Region. Our attendees included representatives from the media, corporate, investment, policy, and government sectors.

The WNG is very thankful to Erik Peterson and Elizabeth Pickard at CSIS for making this event happen!

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