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Special Event: Finnish Business Delegation | 2004-Oct-20

Finnish Business Delegation - Company Profiles

News Release: October 20, 2004

On Wednesday, October 20, the Washington Network Group was please to support a Finnish business delegation visiting with the International Business Exchange Council (IBEC) at The Tower Club in Tyson's Corner, Virginia.

Included below please find short profiles on the Finnish firms.

To request meeting with these firms, please contact:

Bill Stokes, IBEC Sterring Committee
Tel: 703-528-5333
Email: Stokes@EndeavorConnect.com

Eagle Group International

Eagle Group International is a privately owned Finnish company providing multi-disciplinary consulting services for building design projects. Today, with a total staff approaching 200 and offices in Finland, Klaipeda, Lithuania, St. Petersburg, Russia and Tallinn, Estonia, EGI operates in several countries in both the private and public sectors. Our main export markets are Russia and the Baltic countries. We offer multi-disciplinary consulting services for building design projects covering the entire development span of a project, from initiation to realization: Planning and pre-investment studies, Architectural services, Structural engineering, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Project management, Construction management and supervision. We also have an extensive network of partner companies that can be used for areas requiring specific expertise. Clients include Philip Morris, Zao Rubin, Skanska East Europe and City of St. Petersburg (2000), Sports Palace stadium, St. Petersburg, Russia. Russian Federation, City Engineer’s Office, ZAO Bubin (on-going), Lentek (on-going)

Finland Post Corporation

Finland Post Corporation provides a comprehensive set of services with modern integration of IT-solutions that enable Finland Post to offer a wide-range of logistic solutions for trade with Russia, offering flexibility and quick turn-around. The services cover all sorts of distribution and forms of trade from regular cargoes to diversified solutions in distance selling. This division of Finland’s Post Corporation provides distribution and direct-mail service to Russia (and globally). These services include digital printing, logistics and distribution and marketing services. This division would facilitate the operations of a U.S. mail-order company interested in entering the Russian market, for example. The U.S. company would send its material in electronic form to Finland where they would be printed. After printing, Finland Post would take care of the logistics and distribution to the Russian market.

Finnish Railways

Finnish railways (VR) offers a complete package of freight rail services to and from Russia via Finland, as well as export and import deliveries of Finnish goods by rail according to the customers’ needs and timetables. There is direct and frequent freight train traffic between Finland and Russia via four modern border stations. Deliveries take place without reloading of cargoes at the border because Finland has the same rail gauge as Russia and other Eurasian countries. Also, the possibility to use Russian freight cars provides practical advantages in the transport chain: the cargo can be loaded onto Russian rail cars at the Finnish port and is transported all the way to the destination without any additional handling or reloading. VR operates in cooperation with Finland-based logistics and forwarding companies and ports, offering foreign customers a wide-range of logistics services from warehousing services in Finland to tailor-made transport solutions. VR and its partners have many years of experience and know-how in project and special transport services (e.g., machinery and other equipment for oil refineries) from U.S. via Finland to Russia and other Eurasian countries. Cargo transiting the European Union area (e.g., Finland) to Russia greatly facilitates transit procedures.

Intersiva Oy

Intersiva Oy, founded in 1997 in Helsinki, Finland, is a young, dynamic, full-service business services company, providing a range of support services such as market research, consulting, and product development in the IT and Telecom sectors. Intersiva also provides training services and facilitates bridging the cultural gap between the West and Russia, as well as Kazahstan, and has plans to expand its activity to Ukraine and other countries of Eurasia. Creativity is combined with long-term experience in the markets of West and East Europe. This allows our skilled analysts and professionals in the field to generate products and services which meet the needs of companies as they seek to strengthen their competitive performance, explore new opportunities and raise their profitability. IMarketing services are comprised of market studies and analysis by market, product, industry, ad-hoc investigations and customized studies. We utilize Digit´s World Data (statistic data for import/export activity by product or company, target market domestic production, market balance and trends) and Business Navigator services (target market company reliability study, company profile, establishing contacts and guidance for further business exploration).

Port of Hamina Ltd.

Port of Hamina Ltd. is the Port Authority for the Port of Hamina, the easternmost port in the EU, with annual traffic of 6 million tonnes of cargo. The Port of Hamina Ltd. was incorporated in 2001 and today the shares are owned 100% by the town. Hamina Port specializes in the transport of containers, forest products, trailers, vehicles, project cargoes, liquid bulk, etc. The port of Hamina is a logistic village with an outstanding company base which includes, BASF, Centos Central Logistics, DHL, DOW, Dynea, J.M Huber, Mitsui Soko, SGS, Saybolt. In all, more than 50 companies are established within the port area. For vehicle trade, for example, CAT, DC and Apparell transport through the port of Hamina. The port has 300 hectares of land and 200 hectares of reserve area. The distance to the Finnish Russian border is just 36 kilometers. The rail gauge, for historical reasons, is the same as the Russian one, all the way to the Pacific Ocean. There are 41 kilometers of railway track within the port area, making the place ideal for TSR containers, project cargoes to and from Russia and other Eurasian countries, oil project shipments and liquid bulk transportation. The access draught is 10 meters today, there are 3 km of quay line and 3 oil piers and one LPG terminal quay.

Oy Saimaa Lines Ltd.

Saimaa Lines Ltd is THE specialist in logistics services between the West and Russia and other countries of Eurasia. With over 30 years' experience working in this unique transport environment, Saimaa Lines offers its customers the benefits of its knowledge (as well as its extensive network, including government authorities and local transport professionals) which results in the successful shipment of their cargo. Saimaa Lines offers warehousing, road, air sea and road transportation, stevedoring, feeder line services, chartering, clearance and agency services. It transports a wide-range of cargo including dry and liquid cargo, as well a variety of project shipments. Saimaa Lines has offices in Helsinki, Kotka, Hamina, Kouvola, Lappeenranta, Mustola, Niirala, Turku, St.Petersburg, Moscow and Singapore.

Rödl & Partners

Rödl & Partner Konsu Oy has been operating in Finland since 1982 and in Russia 1992. We provide our clients with high-quality and customer-oriented services in legal issues, taxation, accounting and auditing matters utilizing the professional expertise and language-proficiency of our team. We are certified to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standard and have been assigned an AAA rating by Dun & Bradstreet Credit Rating classification. Rödl & Partner have helped over 300 companies to establish in Russia and in Finland. We have clients from 15 countries, including from the United States. Our headquarters in Finland are located only 225 km from St. Petersburg. Rödl & Partner can assist foreign companies to start and run a business in Russia or in Finland, choose the form for the company, and establish the company, representative and branch offices. In addition we assist in the registration of projects, organizing work permits, customs registrations and other services, licences, declarations to local authorities, etc.


ZAO DELTA Co., Ltd is a Finnish owned and managed construction engineering and management company operating in Moscow for 10 years. ZAO DELTA offers sophisticated services using the latest in technology and materials in architectural design, engineering, construction and real estate modernization, ZAO DELTA has an extensive network that delivers the latest in materials and design technologies. Pre-building services include land assessment, technical studies, contacts with local authorities, management contracting and project management services. Other areas of activities include importation of high-tech solutions for advanced office and living interiors in housing complexes. ZAO DELTA is looking for green field construction sites or old building and/or housing renovation projects, or completely new construction of production plants in the Moscow Oblast region.

About the International Business Exchange Council (IBEC)

IBEC's programs and services are targeted at firms that operate internationally and firms that are involved in international transactions and include a policy-focused speakers series and technical workshops and seminars addressing practical issues affecting businesses in the international arena. Future plans include the introduction of an electronic newsletter, which will offer information and in-depth analysis on issues of importance to global companies.

For more information, please see: www.fccc.org/councils/ibec.

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