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Mobile Content & Applications - Where's the Revenue? | 2004-Apr-20

Mobile Content & Applications - Where's the Revenue?

On Tuesday, April 20, 2004, the Washington Network Group convened its "Mobile Roundtable" for a meeting with noted wireless industry analyst Richard Jesty of the Informa Telecoms Group, who met with us for a "state of the wireless industry" discussion about revenue drivers within the industry, where companies are generating revenue today, and projections on where the sector is headed. Visiting from the London offices of the Informa Group, Mr. Jesty also spoke to some of the leading developments in international markets.

Patrick Dine, Vice President North America, MATERNA, and chairman of the Mobile Roundtable, made introductions. In addition, we were joined by Todd McKellar, Business Development Manager - North America, Informa Telecoms and Media Group.

The seminar place at the Sheraton Premiere hotel in Tysons Corner, Virginia. The event was attended by leading wireless industry executives, investors, and other key multipliers in the area of mobile communications.

The WNG was very pleased to have the sponsorship of EndeavorConnect LLC for this special event. For more information about our sponsor, please click on this link: www.endeavorconnect.com

About Our Speaker

Richard Jesty is a senior consultant with the ARC Group, where he heads the mobile content and services team. Over the past four years, he has built up an in-depth knowledge of the market, developing in-house original online research amongst Informa’s extensive database of telecoms professionals worldwide, and carrying out a number of consultancy assignments in Europe and the US.

Richard has worked in research-based IT and telecoms consultancy for fifteen years, and has gained first hand experience of vertical industry needs and requirements, especially in the service sector (covering the retail/distribution and financial services industries).

At ARC Group, Richard is the lead author of a range of strategic reports focusing on the global mobile services market including:

• Mobile Advertising and Marketing
• Mobile Payments
• Mobile Distribution and Retail
• Mobile Content & Applications

The recently-published Mobile Content & Applications reviews current and future market segmentation across the major regions (Europe, Americas and Asia Pacific), and analyzes the market drivers and opportunities for both the consumer and the enterprise sector.

Richard is a frequent speaker and chair at international conferences and has made many presentations on the future development of mobile services, and the opportunities for mobile value chain players. He has recently chaired and presented at a mobile payments conference in Singapore and has led an international seminar in the USA on revenue generation from new mobile services.

Before joining ARC Group, Richard was with Financial Times Business in London, where he was responsible for establishing and developing a new research unit. Richard is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK, and holds a diploma from the Institute.

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