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2013-May-28 | WNG Chairman's Forum: The Neuroscience of Communications

WNG Chairman's Forum

"Persuasion, Empathy and the Vulcan Mind Meld: What Communicators Can Learn from Mr. Spock"

News Release: May 28, 2013

On Tuesday, May 28, 2013, the Washington Network Group convened another superb event under the auspices of our WNG Chairman's Forum together with our WNG Communications Roundtable, which supports WNG Members confronted by challenges in communications, public relations, marketing, investor relations, and public affairs.

Our presenter was Ogilvy Public Relations Global CEO Christopher Graves, who unveiled behavioral and brain research that changes the way we approach communications, brand building, and issues management. In his highly interactive presentation, Chris connected three historic accidents that reveal the role of emotion, the barriers to changing minds, and the roots of human empathy. What a great session!


"What an excellent and entertaining speaker! I certainly see the value in becoming a WNG member."
  - CEO, Washington Women's Weekly

"BRAVO! on yesterday's event. Not so sure you can top that one. Thanks again for putting on another fantastic event!"
  - International Business Consultant

"Awesome presentation @CGraves, first time in awhile I've gone 2 hours at an event without looking at my watch. And thanks @billstokes!"
  - Global Public Speaking Coach

"Once again, last night was amazing. I learned so many cool things about how to interact with clients and prospects, and maybe even my kids!"
  - Financial Representative

"Congratulations on putting together such a worthwhile event."
  - International Communications Consultant

Many thanks to Ogilvy Public Relations in Washington DC for supporting the WNG as our venue partner, and to Bobbie Clinton for being such a wonderful event host! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

See our original event invitation for more details.

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