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WNG Technology Roundtable - Overview

The WNG Technology Roundtable supports leaders in the technologies industry, with an emphasis on the information technology, software, wireless and mobile applications sectors. We do this by convening business networking opportunities and content-driven programs that address issues of interest to professionals working in this arena. Additionally, the Technology Roundtable works collaboratively with other WNG Roundtables and Special Interest Groups, and serves as the WNG's liaison to other technology-focused organizations.

Presenting Partners:

Upcoming Events:

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Recent Events:

   Working with Tech Media in the Washington DC Region 
     Wednesday, July 12, 2017
     Arlington Economic Development - Arlington, Virginia

Steering Committee:

  Nnake Nweke - Broadcasting Board of Governors, Director, Office of Internet Freedom
  Franck Goron - Microsoft, Enterprise Strategy Sr Director & Digital Advisor
  Dan Haney - DH Technologies, Enterprise Sales Director, Federal Account Manager
  Andres Jordan - Factor6 LLC, Founder & HiproCall, Interim CMO
  Sipa Sikaulu - TruShield Security Solutions, Director of Client Advisory Services

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WNG Technology Roundtable - Past Events

The WNG convenes networking receptions and smaller seminars under its Technology Roundtable series. See below for a list of past events.

Past Events:

2016-Feb-10 - Boardroom Session with Paul Caiazzo on Cyber Threat Detection, Containment on Response
2015-May-14 - Panel: Cybersecurity for Small Businesses - Part II
2015-Mar-19 - Panel: Big Data and Privacy: Do You Know Where Your Data Is?
 2014-Oct-21 - Panel: Cybersecurity for Small Businesses - Part I
 2014-Jul-10 - Panel: Demystifying Innovation: Proven Methodologies, Best Practices and How To's
 2014-Apr-09 - Boardroom Session with Tien Wong, CEO of Tech 2000 Inc, and Chairman of Lore Systems and Opus8
2013-Nov-07 - Reception: Entrepreneur TECH Networking - Signature Event
2011-Sep-15 - Reception: Tech Thursday - Signature Event
2011-Mar-24 - Reception: Tech Thursday - Signature Event
 2011-Jan-06 - Reception: Tech Thursday - Signature Event 
 2010-Aug-26 - Reception: Tech Thursday - Signature Event 
 2010-Jun-24 - Reception: Tech Thursday - Signature Event 
 2010-Mar-25 - Reception: Tech Thursday - Signature Event 
 2010-Feb-18 - Reception: WNG Networking Reception by George! 
 2009-Nov-12 - Reception: Tech Thursday - Signature Event
 2009-Aug-20 - Reception: Tech Thursday - Signature Event
 2009-Aug-06 - Reception: WNG Summer Networking Soirée
 2009-Jul-09 - Reception: WNG Summer Networking Reception
 2009-Jun-04 - Reception - Tech Thursday - Signature Event
 2009-Apr-23 - Media Panel - Focus: Business Media
 2009-Mar-25 - Seminar - Social Media and Your Career
 2009-Mar-12 - Reception - Tech Thursday - Signature Event
 2009-Feb-26 - Seminar - ANTI-Social Media: What Not to Do in Web 2.0
 2008-12-02 - Seminar- Managing Your Next Career Transition
 2008-Nov-11 - Reception - Tech Tuesday - Signature Event
 2008-Oct-29 - Seminar - Solar Energy Heats Up - Financing Deals in the US and Europe
 2008-Aug-19 - Reception - Tech Tuesday - Signature Event
 2008-May-13 - Reception - Tech Tuesday - Signature Event
 2008-Apr-10 - Seminar - US-India Cross-border Business Opportunities
 2008-Mar-04 - Reception - Tech Tuesday - Signature Event
 2007-Nov-13 - Reception - Tech Tuesday - Signature Event
 2007-Sep-12 - Seminar - Deal Me In: Maximizing Your Company's Value in Preparation for Acquisition
 2007-Aug-21 - Reception - Tech Tuesday - Signature Event
 2007-May-08 - Reception - Tech Tuesday - Signature Event
 2007-Mar-07 - Seminar - Revenue Is the Cheapest Form of Capital - Maximizing Corporate Value
 2007-Jan-30 - Reception - Tech Tuesday - Signature Event
 2006-Nov-14 - Reception - Tech Tuesday - Signature Event
 2006-Oct-12 - Seminar - Getting to Ka-Ching: The Business Value of Security
 2006-Sep-13 - Seminar - Fill Your Sales Funnel: How to Use Business News to Get New Business
 2006-Aug-29 - Reception - Tech Tuesday - Signature Event
 2006-Jun-08 - Seminar - Alternative Energy Solutions - The Next Disruptive Technologies
 2006-May-23 - Reception - Tech Tuesday - Signature Event
 2006-Mar-08 - Seminar - Outsourcing as Part of Your IT Strategy
 2005-Sep-08 - Keynote - Successful Case Studies in the Mobile Enterprise - Defywire
 2005-Jul-13 - Keynote - Building Effective Customer Care Organizations: When to Outsource - XM Satellite Radio
 2005-Jun-22 - Seminar - Korea - An Insider's Guide to Business Opportunities in the Aerospace Sector
 2005-Feb-15 - Reception - Tech Tuesday - Signature Event
 2004-Apr-20 - Keynote - Mobile Content & Applications - Where's the Revenue?
 2004-Apr-14 - Seminar - Intellectual Property, Patent Donations, and the Problem of Orphen Technologies
 2004-Jan-14 - Keynote - The Current State of Homeland Security
 2003-July-15 - Seminar - Technology Solutions to National Security: Threat to Privacy?

The WNG Technology Roundtable steering committee is open to suggestions for topics and speakers. Sponsorship inquiries are most welcome.

For more information about WNG events, please see:

WNG Events - Overview
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Regional Calendar - List All Events

Questions: Contact the WNG Office 
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