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WNG Events - Educational Programs

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Educational Programs

WNG Educational Programs

The WNG convenes educational programs across our WNG Roundtables: International, Communications, GovernmentTechnologyEntrepreneur and Career Development, including our Chairman's Forum, Emerging Leaders Forum and Women's Leadership Forum. Our educational programs are designed for smaller audiences - often taking place in boardrooms - to allow for more personal interaction among our WNG Members and guests.

Upcoming and Past Events:

2018-05-23 - WNG Emerging Leaders Forum: Developing a Professional Brand that Will Take Your Career to the Next Level
2018-04-11 - WNG Career Development Roundtable: Networking to Advance Your Career: A Brainstorming Session
2018-03-29 - WNG Entrepreneur Roundtable: Bob London - Authentic Curiosity: How Better Listening Is Helping Companies Grow Faster
2018-02-22 - WNG Women's Leadership Forum: Jennifer DiMotta - Leadership as a Strategy: Becoming Your Own Leadership Coach
2018-02-07 - WNG Chairman's Forum: Jim Stockmal - Trends, Drivers and Innovation: Is Your Organization Prepared for the Future?
2018-01-10 - WNG Communications Roundtable: Maggy Sterner - Mission-Driven Branding for Nonprofits
2018-01-04 - WNG Career Development Roundtable: Networking to Advance Your Career: A Brainstorming Session
2017-12-19 - WNG International Roundtable: U.S.-Romanian Business Relations & Investment Opportunities
2017-12-12 - WNG Communications Roundtable: High Stakes Messaging: Finding Common Ground with Legal, HR and Government Relations Advisors
2017-11-29 - WNG Communications Roundtable: Jennifer Farmer - Strategies for Extraordinary PR on an Ordinary Budget
2017-11-15 - WNG Women's Leadership Forum: Connie K. N. Chang - The Leadership Paradox: It's Not Them, It's You
2017-11-01 - WNG Entrepreneur Roundtable: Mark Hass - Strengthen Your Company with a Business Model Canvas
2017-09-14 - WNG Chairman's Forum: Lorne Epstein - Unconscious Bias: What It Is and How It Affects Our Actions
2017-07-27 - WNG Chairman's Forum: Andres Jordan & Eric Dulkeith - The Power of Design Thinking to Transform All Institutions
2017-07-12 - WNG Communications Roundtable: Working with Tech Media in the Washington DC Region
 2017-06-28 - WNG Career Development Roundtable: Overcome Your Fear of Networking in Seven Steps
2017-05-17 - WNG Chairman's Forum: Jennifer Ives & Shaara Roman - Winning the Talent Game
2017-05-04 - WNG Chairman's Forum: Madelaine Claire Weiss - Managing Your Mind
 2017-04-06 - WNG Career Development Roundtable: Luke Dier & Bill Stokes - Networking to Advance Your Career
2017-03-02 - WNG Women's Leadership Forum: Anne Dickerson & Meghan Dotter - Presenting While Female
2017-02-15 - WNG Entrepreneur Roundtable: Christian Moritz - Social Selling: Close More Leads with Ongoing Digital Engagement
2017-01-26 - WNG Communications Roundtable: Frances Reimers - A Brand for Each Employee
 2017-01-18 - WNG Career Development Roundtable: Marcelle Yeager & Bill Stokes - Networking to Advance Your Career
2016-10-05 - WNG Chairman's Forum: Vern Schellenger - Test Your Networking IQ & Boost Your Networking Know-How
 2016-09-21 - WNG International Roundtable: Tom McInerney - New Trends in Responsible Agricultural Investing
 2016-08-24 - WNG Career Development Roundtable: David Ris & Bill Stokes - Networking Best Practices
2016-07-20 - WNG Chairman's Forum: Cindy Atlee - When the Product is You: Authentic Personal Branding for Professional Success
 2016-05-26 - WNG Women's Leadership Forum: Dana Theus - The Importance of a Coach for Your Career Success
 2016-03-30 - WNG Career Development Roundtable: Abby Kohut - The Benefit of Being Overqualified
 2016-03-10 - WNG Communications Roundtable: Deborah Ager - What a Book Can Do for Your Brand
 2016-02-10 - WNG Cybesecurity Boardroom Session: Paul Caiazzo, Co-founder of TruShield Security Solutions
 2016-01-14 - WNG International Roundtable: U.S. Trade and Investment in East Africa
 2016-01-07 - WNG Communications Roundtable: Meghan Dotter - Help for The Reluctant Presenter
 2015-11-10 - WNG Women's Leadership Forum: Marilyn Johnson - Leadership Opportunities in a Global Marketplace
 2015-10-14 - WNG Women's Leadership Forum: Trinidad Zaldivar - A Model for Resilience
2015-10-07 - WNG Career Development Roundtable: Abby Kohut - Networking for Introverts
 2015-09-21 - WNG International Roundtable: U.S.-Macedonian Economic Relations and Business Opportunities
 2015-09-17 - WNG International Roundtable: U.S.-Dutch Economic Relations and Business Opportunities
 2015-08-19 - WNG Career Development Roundtable: Bill Stokes - Networking Best Practices
 2015-07-15 - WNG Career Development Roundtable: Networking to Advance Your Career
 2015-06-22 - WNG Chairman's Forum: Work Redefined - Managing Work Instead of People
 2015-06-18 - WNG Women's Leadership Forum: Linda Jamison - Unleashing Your Creative Leadership
 2015-05-14 - WNG Technology Roundtable: Cybersecurity for Small Businesses II
 2015-04-30 - WNG Entrepreneur Roundtable: A Conversation with CustomInk EVP Sean Murphy
 2015-04-08 - WNG Women's Leadership Forum: Moving from Productive to Passionate Career Success
 2015-03-19 - WNG Technology Roundtable: Big Data and Privacy
2015-03-17 - WNG International Roundtable: US-German Economic Relations and Business Opportunities
2015-01-22 - WNG Women's Leadership Forum: Women and Wealth: Bridging the Gap
2015-01-07 - WNG Career Development Roundtable: Networking for Career Success
2014-12-09 - WNG Chairman's Forum: Neuro-Savvy Leadership
2014-12-02 - WNG Entrepreneur Roundtable: How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business
2014-10-21 - WNG Technology Roundtable: Cybersecurity for Small Businesses I
2014-10-15 - WNG International Roundtable on US-India Economic Relations and Business Opportunities
2014-10-08 - WNG Entrepreneur Roundtable: The Four Major Mistakes that Will Cause Your Business to Fail
2014-09-24 - WNG Chairman's Forum: The Fundamentals of Efficiency
2014-09-10 - WNG Chairman's Forum: Achieving Peak Performance
2014-09-03 - WNG Women's Leadership Forum: Serving on a Corporate Board
2014-07-23 - WNG Chairman's Forum on Learning Agility: What It Is and Why You Need It
2014-07-10 - WNG Technology Roundtable: Demystifying Innovation-Proven Methodologies, Best Practices & How To's
2014-06-11 - WNG International Roundtable: U.S.-Czech Economic Relations and Business Opportunities
2014-05-21 - WNG Career Development Roundtable: Networking for Career Success
2014-04-16 - WNG Career Development Roundtable: Networking Best Practices
 2014-04-09 - WNG Entrepreneur Roundtable: How I Did It: A Conversation with Entrepreneur Tien Wong
 2014-04-02 - WNG Women's Leadership Forum on Speaking with Confidence: A Workshop for Women
 2014-03-26 - WNG Communications Roundtable: Life Is To Short for a Bad PPT!
 2014-02-26 - WNG Chairman's Forum: Developing Your Executive Presence through Thought Leadership
2014-02-12 - WNG Women's Leadership Forum on Negotiation: How to Get What You Want
2014-01-30 - WNG Chairman's Forum on Choosing Courage: Step into the Life You Want
2014-01-09 - WNG Career Development SIG: Cover Letters and Résumés that Work
2013-12-12 - WNG Chairman's Forum on Going Independent: Creating and Building a Consulting Practice (2nd Session)
2013-11-21 - WNG Women's Leadership Forum on Thought Leadership with Dana Theus
2013-11-20 - WNG Chairman's Forum on Executive Search: Boardroom Session with David Martin
2013-11-06 - WNG Chairman's Forum on Going Independent: Creating and Building a Consulting Practice (1st Session)
2013-10-23 - WNG Marketing SIG: Impeccability - How to Create Remarkable Customer Experiences
2013-10-08 - WNG Entrepreneur Roundtable: Let's Go Global - The Power of Your Network
2013-06-19 - WNG Communications Roundtable: Publishing / Editing / Design Roundtable
2013-06-06 - WNG Women's Leadership Forum with Cynthia Punsalan of Grant Thorton
2013-05-28 - WNG Chairman's Forum: Persuasion, Empathy and the Vulcan Mind Meld: What Communicators
      Can Learn from Mr. Spock
2013-04-18 - WNG Communications Roundtable: Working with the International Media
2013-04-02 - WNG Marketing SIG: Networking Is DEAD! Making Connections that Matter
2013-03-19 - WNG Chairman's Forum: What's Next: Moving from Using Social Media to Being a Social Business
2013-02-20 - WNG Career Development SIG: The Reality of Employee Programs & Web Searches
2013-01-24 - WNG Marketing SIG: Beyond Your Logo: Why Good Brands and Good Management Are Inseparable
 2013-01-16 - WNG Entrepreneur Roundtable: Shattering the C-Myth: How Small Business Owners Can Break
      into the Corporate Marketplace
2012-11-28 - WNG Career Development SIG: Tapping Into the Energy of Success: A Workshop on Energy Leadership
 2012-11-13 - WNG International Roundtable on Vietnam: Seminar Panel & Networking Reception
 2012-11-01 - WNG Marketing SIG: Brand, Brand, Brand
 2012-10-25 - WNG Communications Roundtable: Effective Publishing Strategies - Print & Online/Digital
2012-10-04 - WNG Chairman's Forum: From Paycheck to Passion: Jumpstart Your Career
2012-09-27 - WNG International Roundtable on Belgium: Seminar Panel & Networking Reception
2012-05-31 - WNG Chairman's Forum: Build Your Invisible Resume and Go from Managing to Leading
2012-04-26 - WNG Communications Roundtable: Brainstorming Session!!Jumpstarting Affordable PR & Social Media Efforts
 2012-03-21 - WNG Chairman's Forum: The Neuroscience of Networking - Practical Tools for Calm, Confident Connecting
2012-03-01 - WNG International Roundtable on Turkey: Seminar Panel & Networking
2012-02-08 - WNG Entrepreneur Roundtable Seminar: Expand Your Mind, Expand Your Money
2012-01-12 - Marketing SIG: Sales and Marketing Integration Strategies: Can't We All Get Along?
 2011-10-26 - WNG International Roundtable on South Africa: Seminar Panel & Networking
 2011-06-09 - WNG International Roundtable on India: Seminar Panel & Networking
 2011-03-10 - WNG International Roundtable on China: Seminar Panel & Reception
 2011-01-26 - The CRO Professional and the Evolving Practice of Corporate Responsibility
 2010-11-18 - Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability SIG: Integrating Sustainability Best Practices
 2010-11-09 - Seminar - PUBLIC: The Race to Establish Your Identity Online
 2010-10-26 - Latin America SIG: Panama - Opportunities and Challenges and the US-Panama FTA
 2010-09-30 - Marketing SIG: Unlocking the Secrets of High Growth, High Value Professional Services Firms
 2010-01-20 - WNG International Roundtable on Russia: Seminar Panel & Reception
 2009-12-09 - WNG International Roundtable on Brazil: Seminar Panel & Reception
 2009-11-04 - How the Unconnected Employee Hurts Your Business: The 8 Networking Competences
      and How Leaders Can Foster their Mastery
 2009-10-14 - Make Your Contacts Counts: Networking Know-How to Get the Job Done,
      Get the Business, and Get Ahead
 2009-07-22 - Tough Talk for Hard Times: How Leaders Can Use the Spoken Word to Rebound
 2009-04-23 - Media Panel: Focus - Business Media
 2009-03-25 - Social Media and Your Career
 2009-02-26 - ANTI-Social Media: What Not to Do in Web 2.0
 2009-02-04 - Careers in the International Arena: Development, Association, and Trade Policy
 2009-01-28 - Can We Talk Off the Record? A Seminar for the Public Relations Community
 2008-Dec-2 - Managing Your Next Career Transition
 2008-Oct-29 - Solar Energy Heats Up: Financing Deals in the US and Europe
 2008-Oct-7 - Election '08: Is this Back to the Future?
 2008-09-24 - Great PR is Great Storytelling: Eight Ways to Boost Your Organization's Visibility
 2008-Sep-9 - PR 2.0: New Strategies for Managing Your Company's Reputation Online
 2008-Jul-24 - The Six Career Secrets Nobody Bothered to Tell You
 2008-Apr-10 - US-India Cross-border Business Opportunities: M&A and Organic Growth
 2007-Sep-12 - Deal Me In: Preparing Your Company for Acquisition
 2007-Jun-20 - The Power of Data: Without It, You're Just Another Lobbyist with an Opinion
 2007-May-16 - EXPOSURE: How to Work Effectively with the Media
 2007-Mar-7 - Revenue Is the Cheapest Form of Capital - Maximizing Corporate Value
 2007-Feb-28 - Entrepreneur Roundtable: The Marketing of Professional Services
 2006-Oct-12 - Getting to Ka-Ching: How Security Can Drive Profits, Productivity, and Performance
 2006-Sep-13 - Fill Your Sales Funnel: How to Use Business News to Get New Business
 2006-Jun-08 - Technology Roundtable: Alternative Energy Solutions - The Next Disruptive Technologies
2006-May-11 - Meet the International Counselors - Poland
 2006-Mar-08 - Technology Roundtable: Outsourcing as Part of Your IT Strategy
2005-Sep-21 - Meet the International Counselors - Brazil
 2005-Sep-13 - German Elections 2005: Potential Implications for Transatlantic Relations - Atlantic Initiative
 2005-Sep-08 - Successful Case Studies in the Mobile Enterprise - Defywire
 2005-Jul-13 - Building Effective Customer Care Organizations: When to Outsource - XM Satellite Radio
 2005-Jun-29 - Engaging the Business Community in Making Gaza Disengagement an Economic Success
 2005-Jun-23 - Regime Change in Berlin? Potential Implications for Transatlantic Relations
 2005-Jun-22 - Korea: An Insider's Guide to Business Opportunities in the Aerospace Sector
 2005-May-04 - On-site at CSIS: Seven Revolutions - Thinking About the World Out to the Year 2025
 2005-Apr-14 - Alternative Investments and Strategic Partnerships in Russia and the CIS
2005-Mar-02 - Meet the International Counselors - Sweden
2005-Feb-02 - Meet the International Counselors - Canada
 2005-Jan-06 - Meet Margaret Fong, Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office
2004-Oct-21 - Meet the International Counselors - Argentina
2004-Oct-20 - Match-making: Finnish Business Delegation
 2004-Oct-05 - Who Cares for Transatlantic Relations Anyway?
2004-Sep-16 - Meet the International Counselors - The Netherlands
 2004-Sep-09 - Creating Strategic Alliances that Really Work
 2004-May-27 - It's Who You Know! Creating Mentor-based Alliances and Partnershps
 2004-Apr-20 - Mobile Content & Applications - Where's the Revenue?
 2004-Apr-14 - Intellectual Property, Patent Donations, and the Problem of Orphen Technologies
 2004-Mar-25 - Countering Terrorism: Finding the Balance between U.S. and Asian Approaches
 2004-Mar-10 - What the Strong Euro Means for You - An Exchange of Views
 2004-Feb-11 - Fresh Insights on the European Union
 2004-Jan-14 - The Current State of Homeland Security
 2003-Dec-17 - Why the Germans Are Wrong to Fear American-Style Capitalism
 2003-Nov-13 - Political Perspectives for the Year Ahead with Roll Call
 2003-Sep-24 - On-site at the Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office
 2003-July-23 - On-site at the New America Foundation
 2003-July-15 - Technology Solutions to National Security: Threat to Privacy?

The WNG Roundtable program committees are open to suggestions on topics and speakers.

Questions: Contact the WNG Office 
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