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WNG Entrepreneur Roundtable - Overview

The WNG Entrepreneur Roundtable supports entrepreneurs who are building new organizations and businesses. We do this by convening networking opportunities and content-driven programs that address issues of interest to entrepreneurs of every stripe. Additionally, the Entrepreneur Roundtable works collaboratively with other WNG Roundtables and Special Interest Groups, and serves as the WNG's liaison to other entrepreneur-focused organizations.

Presenting Partners:

Upcoming Events:

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Recent Events:

   WNG Spring Soirée Networking Reception 
     Washington Network Group (WNG)
     Wednesday, April 4, 2018
     Ireland's Four Courts - Arlington, Virginia

   Authentic Curiosity: How Better Listening Is Helping Companies Grow Faster 
     Presenter: Bob London, CEO of Chief Listening Officers
     Thursday, March 29, 2018
     Arlington Economic Development - Arlington, Virginia

   Trends, Drivers and Innovation: Is Your Organization Prepared for the Future? 
     Presenter: James Stockmal, President of the Association for Strategic Planning (ASP)
     Wednesday, February 7, 2018
     Arlington Economic Development - Arlington, Virginia

Steering Committee:

  Sean McColl - The Juice Plus+ Company, Franchise Owner
  Christian Moritz - LinkedIn Profile Services, Founder and President
  Brian Roeder - Barrel Oak Winery, Founder & President
  Tim Young - Young Marketing Consulting, Founder and President

Questions: Contact the WNG Office 
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WNG Entrepreneur Roundtable - Past Events

The WNG Entrepreneur Roundtable convenes networking receptions and educational programs. See below for a list of past events:

   Strategies for Extraordinary PR on an Ordinary Budget 
     Presenter: Jennifer Farmer, Director of Communications at PICO National Network
     Wednesday, November 29, 2017
     Carr Workplaces at 1325 G Street NW - Washington, D.C.

   Strengthen Your Company with a Business Model Canvas  
     Presenter: Mark Haas, Founder and President of Research and Organization Management
     Wednesday, November 1, 2017
     Arlington Economic Development - Arlington, Virginia

   Winning the Talent Game 
     Co-Presenter: Jennifer Ives, Senior Vice President, 3Pillar Global
     Co-Presenter: Shaara Roman, Principal at The Silverene Group
     Wednesday, May 17, 2017
     Arlington Economic Development - Arlington, Virginia

   Social Selling: Close More Leads with Digital Engagement 
     WNG Entrepreneur Roundtable
     Presenter: Christian Moritz, Founder and President at LinkedIn Profile Services
     Wednesday, February 15, 2017
     Venue: Metro Offices Ballston Center - Arlington, Virginia

   A Brand for Each Employee - Growing a Company by Growing Your Employees' Personal Brands 
     Thursday, January 26, 2017
     Presenter: Frances Reimers, Founder & Principal at Firestarter Communications
     Venue: Arlington Economic Development - Arlington, Virginia

   WNG September Networking Reception
     Wednesday, September 14, 2016
     Event Partner: Institute of Management Consultants (IMC NCR)
     The Caucus Room - Washington, D.C.

   Networking Best Practices: A Brainstorming Session 
     Wednesday, August 24, 2016
     Co-Moderator: David Ris, Executive Recruiter at The McCormick Group
     Co-Moderator: Bill Stokes, WNG Chairman & Search Consultant at ExecCareers DC
     Metro Offices Ballston Center - Arlington, Virginia

   When the Product is You: Authentic Personal Branding for Professional Success
     Wednesday, July 20, 2016
     Presenter: Cindy Atlee, Principal at The Storybranding Group
     Arlington Economic Development - Arlington, Virginia

Earlier Events:

2015-Apr-30 - How We Do It: The Story Behind CustomInk: A Conversation with Sean Murphy, EVP eCommerce
 2014-Dec-02 - Workshop: How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business 
2014-Oct-08 - Workshop: The Four Major Mistakes that Will Cause Your Small Business to Fail!
2014-Sep-24 - Workshop: The Fundamentals of Efficiency
2014-Jul-10 - Panel: Demystifying Innovation: Proven Methodologies, Best Practices and How To's
2014-Apr-09 - How I Did It: A Conversation with Entrepreneur Tien Wong of Tech 2000, Lore Systems and Opus8
 2013-Dec-12 - Panel: Going Independent: Creating and Building a Consulting Practice - Session II
 2013-Nov-07 - Reception - WNG Entrepreneur TECH Networking Reception
 2013-Nov-06 - Panel: Going Independent: Creating and Building a Consulting Practice - Session I
 2013-Oct-23 - Workshop: Impeccability: How to Create Remarkable Customer Experiences, Raving Fans & Increased Profits
 2013-Oct-08 - Roundtable: Let's Go Global - It's All About the Power of Your Network!
2013-Jul-24 - Reception: WNG Entrepreneur Networking Reception
2013-Apr-02 - Workshop: Networking Is Dead! Making Connections that Matter
2013-Mar-19 - Workshop: What's Next: Moving from Using Social Media to Being a Social Business
2013-Jan-24 - Workshop: Beyond Your Logo: Why Good Brands and Good Management Are Inseparable
2013-Jan-16 - Shattering the C-Myth: How Small Business Owners Can Break into the Corporate Marketplace
2012-Nov-01 - SIG Session: Brand Discussion with Jeff Caporizzo of Bates Creative Group
2012-May-31 - Workshop: Build Your Invisible Resume and Go from Managing to Leading
2012-Apr-26 - Brainstorming Session: Jumpstarting Affordable PR & Social Media Efforts
2012-Apr-11 - SIG Discussion: Corporate CSR - Matching the Rhetoric to Reality
 2012-Mar-21 - Workshop: The Neuroscience of Networking: Practical Tools for Calm, Confident Connecting
2012-Feb-08 - Seminar: Expand Your Mind, Expand Your Money
 2010-Feb-18 - Reception: WNG Networking Reception by George! 
 2009-Nov-04 - Seminar - The 8 Networking Competencies
 2009-Aug-06 - Reception: WNG Summer Networking Soirée
 2009-Apr-23 - Media Panel - Focus: Business Media
 2009-Mar-25 - Seminar - Social Media and Your Career
 2009-Feb-26 - Seminar - ANTI-Social Media: What Not to Do in Web 2.0
 2008-Dec-10 - Reception:  Holiday Networking Reception for Members, Guests, and Prospective Members
 2008-Dec-02 - Seminar:  Managing Your Next Career Transition
 2008-Oct-07 - Luncheon:  McCain or Obama - Which One Is Better for Your Investment Portfolio?
 2007-Sep-12 - Seminar:  Deal Me In - Maximizing Your Company's Value in Preparation for Acquisition
 2007-May-16 - Seminar:  EXPOSURE - How to Work Effectively with the Media
 2007-Mar-28 - Reception:  Meet the Byrd School of Business of Shenandoah University
 2007-Mar-07 - Seminar:  Revenue Is the Cheapest Form of Capital: Maximizing Corporate Value
 2007-Feb-28 - Seminar:  The Marketing of Professional Services
 2006-Oct-12 - Seminar:  Getting to Ka-Ching: How Security Can Drive Profits, Productivity, and Performance
 2006-Sep-13 - Seminar:  Fill Your Sales Funnel: How to Use Business News to Get New Business
 2006-Mar-08 - Seminar:  Outsourcing as Part of Your IT Strategy
 2005-Jul-13 - Keynote:  Building Effective Customer Care Organizations: When to Outsource - XM Satellite Radio
 2004-Sep-09 - Keynote:  Creating Strategic Alliances that Really Work
 2004-May-27 - Keynote:  It's Who You Know! Creating Mentor-based Alliances and Partnershps
 2004-Apr-14 - Keynote:  Intellectual Property, Patent Donations, and the Problem of Orphen Technologies

The WNG Entrepreneur Roundtable steering committee is open to suggestions for topics and speakers.

Sponsorship inquiries are most welcome.

Questions: Contact the WNG Office  
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