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Strengthen Your Company with a Business Model Canvas
WNG Entrepreneur Roundtable
Nov 1 - Wednesday
4:00 PM
6:00 PM

Please join the Washington Network Group when we meet with Mark Haas, Founder and President of Research and Organization Management, a Washington, D.C. management consulting firm developing powerful strategies for mission-focused organizations. Our formal program is preceded and followed by time for networking.

About this Session:

The traditional business plan of the past few generations has given way to the business model, specifically the business model canvas. Used by startups and global corporations alike, the business model canvas is the perfect tool for companies to both strengthen their own business operations as well as deliver greater value to their customers. The business model canvas, on one page, clarifies and communicates simply how a business creates, delivers and captures value.

This workshop will bring you up to speed in understanding the history, fundamentals, and impact on which the business model canvas is built. We'll leave you with three ways you can directly improve your own business. Ultimately, this is about making stronger companies and communities.

Participants will learn how to:

1. Create and validate a business model that shows how to create, deliver and capture greater value in their business using the concepts and examples of the business model canvas;

2. Strengthen their administration, development and service delivery based on a validated and continuously updated business model;

3. Develop new high-value products and services by applying business model concepts based on more than a dozen innovative ways businesses have "hacked the business model canvas."

Additionally, each participant will leave with a draft business model canvas for their company.

About Our Presenter:

Mark Haas is Founder and President of Research and Organization Management, a Washington, D.C. management consulting firm developing powerful strategies for mission-focused organizations. He formed ROM to strengthen strategy and operational agility by integrating comprehensive diagnostics, strategy formation, business models and performance management.

Mark facilitates groups through change in high-profile settings ranging from to social services, STEM and science and technology R&D to World War IV military strategy and response to nuclear terrorism. He also is an international trainer with clients in US, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Recent nonprofit efforts include developing strategy and business plans for a statewide child services agency, merging scientific associations, revitalizing a human service nonprofit, developing strategy for an environmental advocacy group, reorganizing a biomedical research agency and developing a growth strategy for a national vital records enterprise. Mark serves in leadership roles, including as past Board Chair/CEO and current Ethics Officer of the Institute of Management Consultants, as current Board Chair of the Association for Enterprise Growth and Director of other education and civic associations.

He is a Certified Management Consultant, a Fellow of IMC USA, author of Daily Tips for Consultants, an expert witness, speaker, former lead Baldrige quality examiner, and advisor to national technical and professional bodies. He holds degrees in biology from Colgate University and city and regional planning from Harvard University, where he was selected as a Teaching Fellow.

WNG Entrepreneur Roundtable:

Our WNG Entrepreneur Roundtable supports entrepreneurs in emerging growth companies who are building new product or service businesses. We do this by convening business networking opportunities and content-driven programs that address issues of interest to entrepreneurs of every stripe.

Questions: Contact the WNG Office: 202-455-4504.

Arlington Economic Development
1100 North Glebe Road - Suite 1500
Arlington (Ballston), Virginia 22201

We are very pleased to return to the offices of Arlington Economic Development (AED), located three blocks from the Ballston-MU Metro station (Orange/Silver line). Garage parking is available in the building.

There is a fee to attend this event.
Advanced/paid registration is required.
Attendance is limited.

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